Recoil Comparison Of FAMAS Between AKM & M762

Famas vs AKM vs M762

If we compare against 7.62 weapons like AKM and barrel famous may have the low vertical recoil but the horizontal is still the highest.

Recoil Comparison Of FAMAS Between AKM & M762 :

For example, AKM’s first five bullets have low horizontal recoil and after five bullets its horizontal recoil starts to kick in and the same goes for barrel after five bullets the horizontal recoil starts to increase.

But for famous the horizontal recoil starts from the second or third bullet which makes it harder to control than AKM or barrel even though the famous has low vertical recoil it doesn’t matter since it’s easy to predict the vertical recoil.

Because it only goes up in one direction but the horizontal recoil on the other side is unpredictable because it can go either left or right or maybe both.

My Opinion On Famas :

Anyway here is my opinion on the famous it’s a really really good weapon in close range but as the distance increases it will lose its effectiveness just like an SMG.

For famous are it is recoil and every time I use this weapon in close combat fights I always win every single time and I would like to see this weapon in every map and famous would make a really great combination with m4.

For example, famous dominates in close range, and the rest are all dominated by m4.

But of course, famous has its disadvantages the first thing would be its magazine size which is 25 rounds and when using extended mag is 35 it’s kinda low but also it has a very slow reloading speed I mean low mag size and slow reloading speed would make it bad in close range but it still handles close range with one or two enemies at a time so you definitely need to pair this weapon with an m4 or DP-28 or any other weapon which is decent in close range anyway that’s all I got for this section I hope you learned something, see you guys in the next.

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