Top 5 Best Affordable CRM Software For Small Business

Hello guys, In This article, we will discuss the Top 5 Best Affordable CRM Software For Small Businesses. Hope this post will help you a Lot.

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List of Top 5 Best Affordable CRM Software For Small Business:-

1. Lynkos CRM:-

Lynkos CRM is designed for fast and easy growth of sales and improvement of the efficiency of business operators. These systems offer functions at the operational level like:  

  1. Contacts can be created or imported. Add tasks, notes, and papers.
  2. Sell to the contacts generated. Add and administer tickets.
  3. Make calls, and send the same app messages or emails.
  4. Record and save future calls for reference.
  5. Create contacts and opportunities labels.
  6. Specific situational reporting and elements.

The Links tool also gives the option to post our products and goods on our web profile on the one side and to enable potential consumers to buy straight in their search-engine-optimized corporate directory on the other.  It includes a mobile application that allows us to manage and monitor everything linked to our customers and our business, both for Android and iOS.

2. CRM Sum:-

A very comprehensive yet easy-to-use and quick-to-adjust online tool that can handle customers. It features a Free Tour which shows how SumCRM functions. It is made ideal for a small and medium-sized corporations by its functionality. The primary features are:

  1. The contacts:- The contacts. All customer conversations are kept on an online and company-wide Contact Card.
  2. Tasks:- The tasks to be carried out are developed during talks with customers. These duties are due and a person responsible for carrying out these duties will be designated.
  3. Talks/ Sales:- A negotiation connected with a contact will be established for each possible transaction, which enables any individual in the firm to watch and control it. If you are not very skilled in this sector and wish to learn some tactics, the free online sales methods course supplied by the tool is fascinating.

3. Karma CRM:-

The Karma CRM tool reduces our management time and improves “our karma.” It was constructed in Spanish and with Spanish customer service to increase our efficiency. The original version is free of charge.

4. WinCRM:-

Win CRM is a CRM created by SICOMSoluciones Integrales, SL for Windows in Tudela. A free 1-user version with a new LOPD – RGPD – was adopted. It is quite useful, however other CRMs are more visual in terms of design. The design recalls the original Windows versions. But when you go from the aesthetic and get to the purpose, this CRM does not grow too difficult, but contains the most crucial functions: 

  1. A huge client file with all the information needed.
  2. A realistic and working calendar 
  3. A quick and extensive reporting module
  4. An efficient and speedy module for telephone service 
  5. An earlier query search system 
  6. A customer list for available opportunities.

5. CrmLab:-

It has been created as a free online CRM in 2017 and some of its features continue to be developed. It lets you enter your business contact information intuitively and keep track of it. You have options to manage HR, marketing, project management, and teams in addition to the business issue. One of the characteristics of this CRM is that it offers a WordPress plugin for online stores created with WooCommerce connecting the CRM to the web database to automatically transfer the contact information to the CRM. It has a free release without a single-user time limit. Yeah, with 50 contacts/customers limitation. From your desktop, you can work with CRMlab. It has no mobile application, but the tool is mobile and fits any screen or tablet. It is mobile.

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