Assemble With Care – A Cute Puzzle game for pc full review

Today i’m going to review Assemble With Care is a really cute puzzle game with an engaging story linking each level together.

If you’re looking to seek out a soothing game to play to de-stress, you’ve come to the proper place.Assemble With Care may be a really cute puzzle game with an enticing story linking each level together. From the developers of Monument Valley, it takes a singular and clever approach to 3D puzzle solving with beautiful visuals and an excellent female-led cast of characters.

Lio Gaming produces article aimed toward those that often feel alienated by the favored gaming scene; gamers who are less curious about fast-paced combat, and people who don’t consider themselves to be gamers in the least. Assemble with Care is an unconventional puzzle game, Each of the games’ levels have you ever repairing something, from a electronic equipment to a handheld games console that’s definitely not a Gameboy.Connecting each repair job are beautifully drawn book style scenes telling a compelling story with a fun cast of characters, you play as Maria, a travelling repair woman as she arrives within the picturesque town of Bellariva, What follows may be a charming story about family, communication and caring for others. each short Each short section of the story leads into a puzzle to repair a replacement object.
Some are relatively simple like glueing a broken statue back together, while others require you to completely dismantle electronic devices to exchange broken components. The complexity increases because the game progresses with the ultimate levels requiring you to wire things up correctly also as swap out broken elements. I found the repair mechanic to be really interesting. Turning the objects over, unscrewing the casings and getting a glance inside is incredibly satisfying.
Each level isn’t all that difficult as a puzzle, but they’re all so neat that I didn’t find myself becoming bored . it’s a comparatively short game, i used to be ready to complete it in about an hour and half.
However i feel this is often the right length for the story it wants to inform . i actually love the visual kind of the game . The bold colors, the image book style method of storytelling it implements, the retro aesthetic of the setting; it all just works together so well. It’s also fully voice acted which may be a touch I always appreciate.
Skipping through the voiced sections before they will finish, but I didn’t feel that compulsion here. i used to be quite happy to hamper and absorb the story, rather than rush to subsequent level. I had tons of fun playing Assemble with Care. It’s a touch different, combines enjoyable puzzles with compelling
storytelling and feels fresh and innovative from the beginning . I highly recommend checking it out.
The game Assemble With Care, developed by Ustwogames. It retails at £5.79 and is out there for PC.

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