M416 vs G36C which one is Better? (PUBG MOBILE) Ultimate Weapon Comparison Guide/Tutorial

Welcome guys, have you ever been in a situation where you have to choose between m416 or g36c? and you cannot understand which one is better?! Well in this article I’m going to help you figure out which one is better for you.

So the m416 and g36c are very similar weapons and they have a lot of things in common, they both share the same amount of damage and the rate of fire is also identical between m416 and g36c and the bullet velocity is also the same, so the long-range sprays should be identical with both weapons.

So what are the differences between m4 and g36c?

Well, the first noticeable difference would be the recoil controlling and handling of the weapon, people say that g36c has more consistent spray and also it’s more stable than the m416, so let’s take a look at the recoil pattern of m416 and g36c, so I will be shooting at the same wall with both weapons for five times to get an average spray pattern which we can use to compare later on and remember this test is done without using any attachments to weapons.

So here is the spray pattern of m416 and g36c side by side, the first thing you notice is that g36c’s recoil is almost in a straight line whereas’s m416 is kind of unstable and it goes left and right in an unpredictable way right after the first five bullets, anyway, the m4 has less vertical recoil while the g36c has less horizontal recoil but you should know this if your spray goes up almost in a straight line it’s easier to control the recoil of it since you just have to pull down your weapon in a straight line but when the spray tends to move randomly in left and right direction then it’s going to be really hard to control the recoil.

So the g36c has a big advantage in long-range fights due to its low horizontal recoil and you can connect more of your shots with its crazy accuracy if you are wondering how good it sees performance in close range it performs as good as the m4 but slightly better than m4 since it has less horizontal recoil.

So there is absolutely no doubt that the g36c is a better weapon than the m416 because g36c does everything that m4 can do and in some situations, it does it better than m4 and if you ever find g36c I highly recommend you to use it because it can only be found in a cardigan where’s the m4 is available on every map and if you are wondering if g36c has a faster reloading speed? actually no it just feels like it reloads faster but in reality, it has the same reloading speed as the m416 and I personally think that g36c’s reloading sound is so satisfying and it makes a click sound after reloading completely.

Here is an example now m416 reloading sound I would use g36c any day just because of its reloading sound which is so satisfying it makes it look like a tree loads faster, so which is the best grip for this weapon? well there is no such thing as the best grip because every grip in this game has its own purpose and every player prefers different grips, so we need to go through all the grips to figure out which one will be better for you?

Starting with the vertical grip it reduces only the vertical recoil by about 15 and nothing else since g36c has a slightly higher vertical recoil using this grip will fix the problem and if you’re using this weapon for the very first time then I highly recommend you use the vertical grip and this grip can be used in all situations from close to mid and long-range as well moving on to the angled grip which reduces only the horizontal recoil by 15 making the g36c have literally almost no horizontal recoil and also increases the ads speed slightly, so who should be using the angled grip? everyone can use it but you need to be aware that you need to drag your gun down really quickly since vertical recoil is very high and this grip can also be used for all situations.

Now to the half grip which reduces both vertical and horizontal recoil but it reduces the stability while firing which could be a problem for a few people because it makes the weapon jump a lot more than usual while firing, but it’s not a bad grip since it reduces both vertical and horizontal recoil and it can also be used for almost all the situations but the weapon will be less stable with this grip, so beware and moving on to the thumb grip which opens up scope 30 percent faster giving you the ability to engage in a fight much faster while also reducing a small amount of recoil, but it’s really really small amount of reduction.

So this grip is only suited for close combat fights which help you to attack faster, and now to the light grip! some people say it’s the best grip and some people say it’s the worst grip in this game but it reduces the recoil recovery and stability of the weapon while firing, so somehow it reduces recoil but by a very little amount and it is mostly used with a red dot to spray up to 100 meters to get the best accuracy of the weapon I would say vertical and angled grip are the most popular with this weapon but others are also good if you know how to use them properly.

Anyway, that’s all I got for this you, I hope you learned something new if you did Let me know by doing the comment below.

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