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Today I will give you the top 5 tips to control the recoil of an assault rifle, All right so without wasting a single second let’s get started.

1.Perfect scope choice:-

Tip one perfect choice of scope decreases recoil well maybe no one really told you this before but yes scope plays a big role in controlling the recoil so choose wisely like if you are using AKM with a red dot then you will surely face a little bit of difficulty while spraying but if you use holographic in your arm then surely you won’t face any difficulty while controlling the recoil and you can actually spray a bit longer than before while using this trick here is an example clip you can watch it so basically holographic is specially made for high recoil guns like m762 AKM Groza MK and etc and the red dot is made for 5.56 ammo guns if you don’t believe then you should try it on your own and then you can comment your experience below.

2.Using scope in higher recoil guns:-

Tip 2 use 6x and higher coil guns use big scopes and higher coil guns like AKM barrel or Groza but wait I never said to use this in your classic match, no but you can use it while playing Tdm or arcade matches using 6x in higher coil gun will make you a beast in controlling the recoil you can start with converting the 6x into 3x and after practicing turn it into full 6x no matter if you are a gyro player or ads player but this practice will make each and every one of you a beast you should especially train with the barrel as it’s the gun with the highest kick and it’s essentially a world spawn grows of except with more attachments.

3.Practice makes you perfect:-

Tip 3 practice like never before first of all training is the most important thing here most players will tell you to just jump into the training mode and pick up a gun and start shooting to a wall to lean it yes this technique is valid however your opponents are not walls they can hide crouch jump and run my suggestion is going into war mode lobbies because it gives you all sets of weapons randomly and by this, you can master each and every weapon and its recoil

4.Don’t spray too much:-

Tip 4 limited spray well this tip is mostly for the dp28 users I am damn sure that everyone knows this limited spray trick of DP but I am once again damn sure that no one really knows how much ammo to spray at once well if you watch snacks then you might have seen that he never sprays more than five bullets at once right so I am not a pro-DP user but yeah limited spray is the key to master dp28 and as you know the dp28 is a beast weapon even four to five bullets are enough to knock an enemy.

5.Don’t move while spraying:-

Tip 5 stand and fire postures are important in maintaining low recoil if you are spraying while moving then your recoil may fluctuate irregularly compared to being prone which allows your recoil to lower and steady here is an example clip in which I was moving while spraying watch it resistance tip 7 no attachments challenge I challenge you to use 7.62 guns in TDM with literally zero attachments.

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