Hundred Rythms Guide Tutorial Pubg Mobile

Welcome guys so in this article we will be taking a look at the hundred rhythms professions, there are three professions that you can choose from the Recon Knight, The Guardian, and lastly The Survivor.

If you ask me which one is best, I would say the recon knight is the best among these because it’s really powerful and the other two professions aren’t completely useless since they have different powers, but if you’re playing squads then having all three of the professions is always the best option.

Recon Knight:-

So starting with the recon knight which is my favorite, its main feature is sonic scan, you can activate the sonic scan immediately by tapping on this scan button and then you will get a grenade kind of thing throw it towards where you think enemies might be or maybe in a suspicious location and then it will release a wave that will locate the enemies in real time for up to 50 meters of radius and on top of the enemies, it will show this eye symbol example like this this indicates that the enemy is hiding behind that object this literally gives you the wallhack mode, I don’t know why this mode got added if pubg couldn’t ban hackers so they just gave you hacks as a feature in this new game mode.

Pubg is like hey we can’t ban hackers so we are giving you hacking abilities, but if you’re fighting against a real hacker with these fake hacks there is no way you are going to win, anyway back to the topic you will get the wall hackability for about 30 seconds I guess but you will able to see the players only up to 50 meters radius and also your opponents can destroy the sonic scanner by just shooting at it and your sonic scanner will get a cooldown for about one minute after you use it, so you can reuse the sonic scanner again in just one minute and by any chance, if you got this eye the icon on top of your head then your enemy used the sonic scanner there is nothing you can do other than attacking the enemy or destroying the scanner and the last option is running away.

Since the scanner works only up to 50 meters by the way for each profession you get two skill levels to upgrade to skill level two, you need one cassette and to reach level three you need three cassettes so in total you need four cassettes to unlock all the skills so in the recon knight profession if you reach to level two skill your health will recover when you kill the enemy you marked for every kill and for every knock your health will recover, but when you completely kill or finish off the enemy, the health will recover by most and when you reach the level 3 skill you will enter in a charging state to deal damage over time to enemies hit.

Basically, you deal extra damage over time because you’re in a charged state and I’m thinking your bullets will release some electricity to deal that extra damage but always remember all these extra skills will only work when you use your sonic scanner and detects enemies, otherwise, it won’t work.

The Guardian:-

Moving on to the next profession the guardian, its main skill is music barrier, when you activate the music barrier it will reduce the damage taken from bullets shot from outside the barrier by 50 so the barrier gives you 50 protection to you and your teammates and if you reach level 2 skill you will get this energy charge button, if you press it it will deactivate the music barrier and it will give you and your teammates who are inside the barrier a 75 energy boost and if you reach to the level 3 skill then it will increase the reloading speed of the weapons by about 18 if my math is correct but only when you and your teammates are inside the barrier otherwise, it won’t work.

The Survivor:-

But what works always is the survivor profession it has a stealth mode which gives you a gillie suit for about 40 seconds which is the most useless thing in this mode, but the best thing about this profession is when you upgrade to level 2 skill it will monitor the surroundings and you will receive an alert when the enemies are nearby and it works all the time but sadly it doesn’t tell you the location like recon knight but it will warn you when enemies are approaching and when you upgrade to level 3 skill your health will recover when you are not taking any damage and the best thing is it works all the time and if you activate the stealth mode it will recover your health even faster.

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