How to Handle Door-to-Door Fights In (PUBG MOBILE) Noob to Pro Guide/ Tutorial

Top Close Range Tips and Tricks In (PUBG MOBILE)

Welcome guys to this article. I will give you some tips and tricks for close-quarter fights and it will definitely help you to improve your close combat skills. Anyway, we will be taking a look at the top five most common situations in close-range fights.

Door-to-Door Fights :

Starting with door-to-door fights are the foremost common thing in close range, for instance, this is often you and this is your enemy and there’s a door in between both of you. So during this sort of situation, there are two possible outcomes either you go inside to kill your opponent or await your opponent to return out. Both are very high risk but I feel going inside is riskier I mean if you go directly inside.

For example like this, you never skill many enemies are inside and what weapons they’re using, and most significantly your enemy’s exact positions. So you’ll know exactly where to shoot. Once you go inside so it is often a far better choice to await your opponent to rush inside because you recognize the enemy will need to come through the door. There’s just one thing you would like to try to do during this sort of situation just specialize in the door and confirm that your aim is on the top level which can assist you to urge instant headshots and most significantly start shooting as soon as you see the enemy. Entering through the door but you ought to know this if your opponent took a while to research things and knows your exact location then the probabilities of you winning during this sort of situation are quite low.

Because your enemy may have some quiet plan to take you down. Sometimes you land up during a situation where your enemy doesn’t want to return out and you do not want to travel inside either one among you has got to do something otherwise it might be boring. So if you do not have any longer patience and you would like to rush inside you would like to counter-check these following things the primary one would be to see for your helmet and vest. If you do not have them then I highly recommend not pushing inside because there’s an opportunity that you simply could get knocked in the only round and therefore the next one is to understand your enemy’s location. So once you go inside you’ll know exactly where to shoot at and lastly analyze things as an example what percentage enemies are inside and what weapons they’re using if you notice any airdrop weapons it’s risky to travel inside.

Because your opponents are presumably looted in airdrop which suggests they’re going to have a level 3 helmet and vest and two airdrop weapons which make it far riskier and most importantly once you’re entering through a door you’d wish to enter by jumping. For example, you’d wish to hit the jump button at this exact location which can increase your movement speed. The most reason why I like to recommend you to leap is that once you jump your character will gain tons of speed which causes you to have a harder target to hit and your enemy will miss the shots.

I mean it’s very difficult to trace someone jumping like this. I exploit this trick all the time as soon as I jump. It’ll be very hard for the enemies to shoot at me because I’m moving too quickly plus it makes me less vulnerable. This trick works all the time on my behalf of me sometimes. I exploit prone right after jumping to confuse the enemies I mean there are other possibilities like shooting when the opponent is peeking from the door but the primary two are the foremost common thing to happen.

Anyway, that’s it for today’s topic next we talk about wall-to-wall fights.

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