Wall-to-Wall Fights & Window Fights In (PUBG MOBILE) Noob To Pro Guide/ Tutorial

Top 2 Close Range Tips & Tricks In (PUBG MOBILE)

Wall-to-wall fights:-

Wall-to-wall fights it’s the commonest fights in close range and therefore the opponent both have some kind of cover. For example, there are three belongings you could neutralize this sort of situations either you attack the enemy or await your opponent to attack you otherwise you could run far away from this fight so during this sort of situation.

You’d like to use your close combat tactics like jumper and dink strafing left and right also mentioned as jiggle movement and other tactical skills. If you would like to rush at the enemy then you would wish to pre-fire once you rush example, if your enemy peaks during the pre-fire then you’re presumably to win the fight pre-firing is basically important.

If you ignore it you’ll find yourself dying like this and you’ll also use a jumper and pre-fire or dink and pre-fire. They both are really effective strafing left and right and pre-firing is additionally an efficient way. And if your enemy is rushing at you you’ll do jumper also but if they rush with a pre-fire then you will get knocked immediately right after jumping and you ought to be very careful about enemies pre-fire and the rest all depends on your crosshair placement and your aim.

Window Fights:- 

Moving on to subsequent one window fights in close range are the smallest amount common fights. In my opinion, it rarely happens in close range but it’s better to be prepared so here are two tips for window fights the first tip is don’t remain too on the brink of the window while shooting sometimes your bullets may hit the wall instead of the enemy.

And also place your crosshair slightly above usual or just simply aim at the highest level otherwise your bullets may get blocked by the framework. Therefore the second tip is to switch to the first-person perspective because FPP will provide you with some advantages in window fight situations. for instance, here I’m shooting in third-person view and therefore the bullets are literally hitting the framework instead of the wall.

Now I switch to the first-person view and shoot at an equivalent wall again so now the bullets are literally hitting at the wall but as soon as I switched back to the third-person view the bullets are again hitting at the framework rather than the wall. I do not know exactly what’s happening here maybe the mechanics of the sport are broken. I feel and also using FPP will offer you more fields of view for instance in FPP able you’ll see this box. And once I switch to a third-person view you will unable to ascertain the box. Just remember to switch to FPP in window fight situations to urge a plus.

So that’s it for today 😉

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