How To Win Open Field Fights & Broken Wall Fights In (PUBG MOBILE) Tips & Tricks

Open Field Fights:-

Moving on to our 3rd topic of this blog open field fights this is often things where you’re during a completely open area with no sort of cover or even ridge covers like these in these scenarios it all matters on who shoots first if your enemy shot you initially then your chances of winning the fight is extremely low.

But you’ll actually increase the probabilities of you winning the fight by dodging the bullets by moving left and right also referred to as jiggle movement it is a bit complicated to find out. So let me show you a neater one you only need to move during a left direction completely or during a right direction counting on your situation once you move in a certain direction while shooting your enemy has got to constantly change the cross wire placement counting on how you progress.

If the enemy has got to realize and alter the crosshair placement consistent with the way how I move but before they even realize they’re going to be dead my biggest tip for open field fights is to move the maximum amount as you’ll to dodge the bullets and once you get won’t to strafing left and right you’ll always be unbeatable in close combat fights.

Broken Wall Fights:-

Anyway moving on to subsequent situation broken wall fights broken walls are everywhere within the map and it gives specialized cover but while attacking all you’ve to try to do is jump and fire the first thing is you need to have your jump and climb separate otherwise you’ll climb up the wall instead of jumping and it maybe you killed in some situations.

Just attend basic settings and scroll down you’ll find jump and climb enable it now attend your layout and adjust your climb button and jump button now all you’ve to undertake to is practice the thanks to jumping and fire anyway if the wall is simply too small you are doing not need to jump and fire you’ll directly fire.

Anyway, that’s all I got for today’s topic I think you read the previous posts, I included wall-to-wall fights and window fights.

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