Kind Words – An Awesome Casual Pc Game full review

Welcome to my blog Lio Laming, where I review the best games to unwind with. Kind Words is a little different from most games I have covered on Lio Gaming.The gameplay mainly consists of writing short letters to other players and offering words of encouragement and advice.

About Game Details
Game Name Kind Words
Developer & Publisher Popcannibal
Type Casual
Mode Multiplayer
Game Engine Unity
Supported Platform PC

The whole system is completely anonymous,all that other players will see is the first initial of your username. As such, it is a great place to let your worries out while listening to some relaxing music. If you have something on your mind, you can write a letter and send it out into the ether. A little later you will receive replies from other players. These can be surprisingly heartfelt and I genuinely appreciated what these strangers on the internet said to me.

While you’re waiting for a reply to your own letter, you can take a look at what others have written and see if any of them speak to you. Remember that people aren’t always looking for actual advice, just showing that they have been heard and understood is often enough. As well as writing letters, you can also send a paper aeroplane with a little note out into the game.These aeroplanes are often my favourite part.

They fly across your screen and unfold to reveal a silly joke, a quote, or just some kind words. These will appear at random so you might even come across your own notes from time to time. The visual style and aesthetic is really charming. Your letters are delivered by this adorable deer postman who always has some kind things to say, and who gives you new music tracks each day you come back. And speaking of the music, the inspiration for the game’s style is very clearly the ‘Lofi hip hop radio’ that I’m sure you have seen around youtube.

The subtitle for the game is even ‘lo fi chill beats to write to’ as an homage. There is a good selection of original tracks to listen to from the start but it’s cool that you can unlock more as you play. When you send letters, you can also send a sticker. These are the cute collectables of the game. Each time you receive a new one from another person you can place it within your room. I really like this, as it encourages you to write more responses and connect with more people.

Now, the potential downside of this game is that you don’t know what sort of topics people are going to want to talk about, and there is definitely the opportunity to come across something that hits a bit too close to home or is triggering. I would say that if you think that frank discussions of mental health, questioning gender or sexual identities, etc, could be upsetting to you then maybe give this one a miss, or at least proceed with caution. There is no obligation to reply to anyone’s letters and there is a report function available if necessary.

However, I’ve yet to come across anyone trolling or being inappropriate. I think that Kind Words is a brilliant concept that has been well executed.It’s the sort of game I can see myself popping into for 10 minutes here and there for some time to come. There is the potential to come across some pretty heavy stuff but the tone is usually pretty light and most of the interactions are genuinely kind. So I give Kind Words the Lio Gaming Seal of Approval. Thanks for reading.

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