Mini Metro – An Interesting PS4 Puzzle game full review

Welcome to Lio Gaming Game Reviews where I review my favorite games to unwind with. Mini Metro is in essence a puzzle game. Your objective is to connect the different shaped stations together so that the little people shapes can get to their destinations. Simple premise, simple visuals, excellent execution.

About Game Details
Game Name Mini Metro
Developer Dinosaur Polo Club
Publisher Dinosaur Polo Club (Console & PC) | Playdigious (Android)
Type Puzzle/Strategy
Mode Single Player/Multiplayer
Game Engine Unity
Supported Platform PS4/PC/Android/iOS

As time passes more stations appear and more and more passengers materialize at those stations. When you reach a new milestone you are rewarded with more trains, lines, carriages, tunnels, and sometimes items that are specific to the map being played. There are three modes to play in: a standard mode where you have to keep your network going for as long as possible before a station becomes overcrowded.

Endless mode where you need to be transporting enough people at any one time to unlock more features; and hardcore mode which is similar to standard but you cannot move a line once it has been placed. For a relaxing experience, I would recommend endless though standard can still be fairly relaxing once you accept that the whole point of the mode is to fail eventually.

It really depends on your play style. In endless mode, there is very little pressure. You can let stations fill up unconnected to any lines while you work out a plan. You can completely redesign your network to make it as efficient as possible. Sometimes a network that looks similar to the one in real life isn’t the best option and I take a lot of pleasure in finding a new solution.

I really like the visual style inspired by the iconic underground map now used by most metro systems. Its simplistic, cartoonish appearance isn’t as distracting or headache-inducing as a lot of colorful games can be. Every aspect of this game is beautiful to look at, from how the lines snap together as you draw them to the movement of the menu system to the subtle zooming out to expose more maps.

Seriously I played several games before I actually noticed it actually zooming out as it happened. Currently, my only criticism is that it’s not long enough. I want more cities to play, but then I have played quite a lot so maybe that’s just me being greedy. Mini metro is really fun, addictive, and very replayable.

It has several ways to play it so thanks to the inclusion of the stress-free endless mode I give mini metro a Lio Gaming rating of 10/10 Thank you so much for reading and please come back and check out future Lio Gaming game reviews.

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