Parkasaurus full review: A Construction and Management Simulation game for PC

Welcome to Lio Gaming’s Game Reviews. In this article i’ll review Parkasaurus.

About Game Details
Game Name Parkasaurus
Developer & Publisher Washbear Studio
Type Construction and Management Simulation
Mode Single Player
Game Engine Unity
Supported Platform PC

Parkasaurus is a zoo management  game where the exhibits are full   of colourful dinosaurs that you can make wear hats 10/10, chill out approved. Ok, So, assuming that somehow  wasn’t enough for you to stop watching immediately and go buy the game, let’s start by focusing on how much I love the visuals.

The dinosaurs are adorable, the environments are  vibrant and fun with super saturated colour and   everything just feels incredibly well thought out.  Everything from the little bouncing of the user   interface as menus pop up, to the ability  to string up lights between any surface. It just shows how much love went into making it.

The gameplay is pretty standard for a zoo management game. If you’ve played Zoo tycoon, or any theme park game then you’ll know what to expect. Build exhibits, fill them with dinosaurs, place facilities for your guests and decorate the  place to make it look extra nice. Overall it’s a   well balanced game, whether you’re playing through  the campaign missions or the freeplay mode.

There are so many dinosaurs to unlock, which you  do by playing a little fossil digging mini game,   I’ve been playing for quite a few hours and  I’m still working towards getting a t-rex. Like most similar games your animals  can break out of their enclosures,   so if you want to roleplay your jurassic park  fantasy then go for it, especially since you can shoot tranquilisers yourself in first person mode.

Or you can just send in the security staff you’ve hired, they’ll most likely have a fantastic name worthy of a dinosaur wrangler. Perfection. Parkasaurus works well as a park management sim. If you enjoy the detail and complexity of some  of the more recent zoo games such as Planet Zoo you might be disappointed with the more limited selection of objects, the restrictions of a grid system, and minimal control over finances.

But personally I like this style of game more. Less time worrying about my staff’s wages and more time to find the most stylish hats for my stegosaurus. There are a few little issues with the game.  It can be hard to select the object that you want sometimes, deleting things can be a bit  tedious and not being able to move an object just one square over because its current position occupies some of that space is a mild annoyance.

So far I’ve not had any serious problems  but it can make the experience a little frustrating when a vet just decides they can’t reach a feeder all of a sudden. Parkasaurus is an excellent  zoo management game. It’s got enough functionality and tools to keep the more serious management game fans happy, whilst also fully embracing it’s rather silly premise and quirky art style.

There are a few issues with glitches every so often but these are never too serious, unless you can’t stand a game where objects clip through one another of course. I have had a  fantastic time playing Parkasaurus and absolutely award it the Lio Gaming Seal of Approval. Thank you so much for reading.

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